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Welcome to Dragon Press Graphics!

I am Nikki O'Shea, the creator of Dragon Press Graphics.

Please Note: This is a handcoded webpage. It is very simple because I don't have the time or know how to keep up with it, nor the funds to hire someone who could. Please forgive any mistakes, and bring to my attention any faults or errors. Thank you!

Dragon Press Graphics came about somewhere back in 2001 or so. I chose the name as a way to show my interests (fantasy, comics) and to make something memorable (going with the name, the logo itself is a dragon being pressed....).

I work mostly in Inks or Pencils and occasionally color (primarily digital, or colored pencil, but water color is slowly coming into focus). I specialize in fantasy illustrations, usually with some sort of integrated border, as well as graphite portraits (people or animals) and have an ongoing comic strip ( The Bards Comic) with plans of other comics and stories.

What Dragon Press Graphics does NOT do, is act as a printing company. I make prints off my own personal computer in small batches, and I send away to places such as Ka-Blam or Lulu to print up books, depending on my needs.

I, personally, have a wide variety of interests in addition to my art and writing, which include video games, board games, reading, photography and now knitting - all of which have often impacted my art over the years in some manner or another.

I can be found at various shows and conventions over the year as I manage to finangle the time off work and the finances to afford the entry fee. I have a listing of the planned appearances a little below, under the facebook widget (Should it be working), and on the right hand side of the page.

Current Projects and recent news on the board can be found in the Updates section below.

September 17th, 2015 -

  • Gallery Updated the 2014 Gallery with 15 new pictures and added the 2015 Gallery which is still kinda sparse. I've also updated the CD Cover portion of my Gallery for the completed version of the Sci Fi Drinking Songs cover by Marc Gunn.

  • Bards Comic I did a Kickstarter to get more of the Deluxe graphic novel published. This is the ONLY run that will be done for them. I shall have them at my cons, so please stop by!. Speaking of the comic, yes, I have not published any new comics in a while. I've had a hard year, with a severe art (and writers ! ) block happening. I've been slowly working my way through some storyline so I can get something concrete. Hopefully, this long break will have us set up for some time once I get it all going again.

  • updating Once again, apologies for the lack of updates to the website itself. I don't often have a lot of time. I've spent the last 4 hours just updating 5 portions of my website, so I often just toss stuff up for show using my DA/Twitter/Facebook pages (I've even been testing out this Tumblr thing). Feel free to follow me on there.

June 10, 2014 -

  • Bards Comic Publications: Both graphic novels are done. I severely underestimated the cost of the Deluxe collection of the original run (it is about 1/3 in color) and so my run was very limited. I Do have copies of both to bring to my future cons, and I'm working on getting them put up on the Ka-blam comic site - I believe its called Indyplanet, but I'm suddenly having problems navigating their site.

  • Digital Tablets
  • Last year I bought an inkling, thinking it would be great for comics on the go etc etc. It was a horrible investment. This year, I bit the bullet and finally got a tablet - a simple Intuos Pen and Touch and I found that - especially with my fellow artist recommended Manga Studio 5 which I had also never used (this means I'm learning both at the same time)- it was very responsive and I've already drawn several pictures completely from scratch in the program complete with my hatchwork that I'm very, very happy with.

  • Galleries: All the galleries have been updated, and the main Gallery page has notes on which sections have been updated (and when). The 2012 had 4 new pictures added in, all pencil works, added near the top (Teacup, House, Girl with hair blowing in wind, and Girl with Pug). The 2013 gallery has finally been put together and the 2014 one has been started. Other odds and ends have been added into a few of the other sections as well.

  • Outcasts, book 1: Just had a brainstorm on it's presentation. The story is finished, what remains is all the art (which I am now starting over on. What I'm planning is going to be pretty unique....at least, I've never seen anything like it...but will take a little while. There is a teaser of the story in the Bards Comic Relaunched book.)

  • I have a new Etsy shop since it's easier to list, organize and keep track of merchandise in that manner. All my previously printed books from Lulu can still be purchased directly from them.

  • I have also been playing with a Zazzle shop for odds and ends...I tried to split it up a bit - one part for Bards Comic and the other part for art inspired by my new knitting obsession


If you are interested in commissioning me, I've put up 'CUSTOM ORDER' products on the Etsy site as well. Please consider commissioning me for 5x7 portraits - I have a pretty quick turn around on those and they make great Christmas presents! But do it soon if you want to recieve them before Christmas!


If there is nothing you wish to purchase from my shop at this time, please consider a donation to help me out financially - a lot of what I wish to do is beyond my capability as the sole supporter of a family of three, making me unable to take the risks necessary to grow as a business...

You can find out how Here and see what sorts of special deals you might get for doing so. It's greatly appreciated - even if all you can do is pass the word. Thank you.

2015: Planning

  • Anime Boston : Hynes Convention Center - Boston, Massachussets Over!
  • AAC" is a go - Manchester, NH, Oct 16th - 18th

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All work herein copyrighted 2001 by Nikki O'Shea